Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Venga, amor, venga.

I've started to despise that word "venga". It means the command come but they use it out of love too. Come eat, come help me with my homework, come over at this time, come, come, come.

What made me think of this was a conversation I had with Jenny. We were just chatting, and of course she asked me some very hard hitting questions such as:

[11/15/10 8:25:05 PM] Jenny Simburger: how was pooping in a hole?
[11/15/10 8:25:35 PM] Jamie Harling: pretty relieving, actually
[11/15/10 8:26:35 PM] Jamie Harling: I'm being beckoned now, sadly. I have to go!
[11/15/10 8:26:50 PM] Jamie Harling: look at it this way, the less we talk, the more fun stories you get to hear when I come home :)

but then, I was being "venga"'d my way into the kitchen, to eat, againnnn! One thing I'm coming back with is a bigger stomach. I'm still not sure if that's a good thing! :)

So today marks the one month return of me. I didn't realize it until I was skyping with Phil and he says:

[11/16/10 5:06:35 PM] Phil Ruppert: man oh man, i am gonna see you in a little over a month
[11/16/10 5:06:51 PM] Jamie Harling: shoot, its a month today!
[11/16/10 5:07:11 PM] Phil Ruppert: holy crap it is!!! get excited my friend

How can I actually be excited about leaving? I love it here. I love my families, I love my friends, I love my job (for now), I love the mountains, I love the beaches, I love what I'm studying, and I love what God is doing for me here. I might hate being venga'd every five minutes, but I just love it here.

The thing I have to look forward to is not only a baked potato from Ruby Tuesday's or a corn dog from Park-n-Eat, but also quality conversations about this trip and what actually happened behind pooping in a hole. I'm ready for that, but that's just about all I'm ready for.

I am here in Costa Rica and my heart is here in Costa Rica with me. In a month, right about this time, I will be stepping foot into St. Louis Airport and that statement will have to change, for now, I am here.

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