Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's go live with Indigenous Tribes on an island in Panama?

I'm back from my internship and I couldn't be more pleased with how it went. Sadly, I don't have internet any longer so I have just a bit of time to explain to you.

I was working in La Escuela Santa Cicilia and it was such a blessing! The English teacher left the second/third day that I was there and handed me the classroom. Though the work was RIDICULOUSLY hard and I had to skype my mom almost every night for advice, I got through. I loved the children, I loved the teachers, I loved it all! I could see God working in me and through the children the whole time I was there! There truly are not even words that could describe what I had just done.

So, to explain it? I think pictures will do the trick...

So that's what I did and it was a blast! Ask my mom for crazy stories, hopefully she'll have more time than I do.

What's next? Well, that's the crazy part! I only have one more thing left! I'm going to Panama on Sunday of this week to live with the Indigenous Tribe of Kuna on an Island! We will be roughing it, for sure. Living there, hanging out with the families, sharing with the children, and just showing our love for other brother and sisters in Christ. Looks like I'll be sleeping in a hammock, using the bathroom in public, showing outdoor (also in public), eating a lot of boiled fish, and simply doing what the Kuna's do. After that? Back to Miami and then I'm home.

That statement sounds so soooon! Thankfully, I have two more weeks here and I'm going to live it up to the fullest.

See you all SO soon.

Dios les bendiga,