Sunday, November 7, 2010

And I'm off...

....or almost off. I’m headed to my internship for four weeks. For weeks of solitude, with a new family, probably no internet, and no friends within hours. What am I going to do for these weeks? Well, I’m going to work, finally! I have missed work so much and now that I get to enjoy 4 long weeks of it I am beyond excited! I will be working in a school house with 14 kids Kindergarden-6th Grade. There’s one teacher and I will be her assistant and will be teaching some of the grades while I’m there! I’m glad I am going to such a small community because it means that I will be forced to get to know all 100 people of the village!
Right now all I know is that I have 4 brothers and 1 sister and a mom and dad. I know that one or two of the kids goes to the school too but that is about it. The problem is that today, the 7th, I was planned to leave at 5am to Jocotal Abajo de Asserí but it has been delayed. Asserí’s highway and then the road to Jocotal is also closed because of the landslides. The rains have been horrible here lately because of the storm on the coast and it has flooded Asserí and my town completely. Keep them in your prayers as they grieve from death and attempt to rebuild their homes. Also, there is a group of us 7 that are awaiting a time that we can leave for our internships so be praying for our patience and that everything clears up in the near future.
For now I’m just soaking up the extra days wrapping up hanging out with friends, doing some homework, and finally being able to sit down with my family and relax. I’ll be back in a month and I’ll write you all then. After that, I’m off to Panama, Miami, and before you and I both know it... I will be home in the little town of Hillsboro once again. :)

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