Monday, November 8, 2010

Things have changed...

Looks like I’m not going to Jocotal anymore. Road are closed, my school is closed, everything is completely flooded. Instead?...I’m headed to Poaz bright and early tomorrow to start a new internship. I’ll still be in a school, just no longer a school house. I have exactly 12 hours before I board my bus to get really, really excited for this internship! Sadly, I already put my heart in to Jocotal and I left a piece with the grieving families there. I am still praying for them daily and I know that soon enough their lives with be back in place and they will receive next semesters student with the same enthusiasm. For now, I’m just hanging out with my family, soaking up the few hours I have left here.

Here are some verses I’ve been meditating on:

“The one who has faith can do all thing.”- Mark 9:23

“Let the peace of Christ have power over your hearts. You were chosen as a part of His body. Always be thankful.”- Colossians 3:15

So that’s it: With faith I can do this new internship, I can embrace it and take in every moment. I am thankful I’m here, I’m thankful for what I have, and I am really, really thankful that I have this internship.

Dios le Bendiga, Jamie.

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