Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Autism and Ab-Loungers

I found it rare that in my special education classroom (high school) they had an Ab-Lounger. The last few weeks I have been watching, for the most part, students simply playing with it and even taking naps in it. I found out today that the child with Autism in our classroom uses it to unnerve. This took me back to the example that Prof Amundson used about carrying the books. Instead of carrying books, this student hops up on the Ab-Lounger and does a few stretches/ crunches and he's then ready to study. Because of this child's use of the lounger, I realize that many other students do the same thing! I came home today in awe- what a great way to release! I went to searching on the internet and found a blog of a mother whose autistic twins do the same thing. A few years back they bought an Ab-Lounger to work out and the kids took use of it day 1. Here's a cute picture of an Autistic boy on an Ab-Lounger...

So- there it is... maybe the solution to calming down an Autistic kid in the classroom is to get an Ab-Lounger.

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